Enroll your dog in our Pet Empire daycare program and give your dog their dream day. Dogs are pack animals and LOVE being able to play off-leash in a supervised environment. Daycare serves as a fantastic opportunity for exercise and structured socialization – both valuable gifts your pup deserves.  A tired dog is a happy dog (and a happy owner)!

With a focus on tail-wagging fun and social interaction, our facility offers safe, supervised outdoor play, and stimulating environment for your furry friend to frolic and make new friends.  We choose friends carefully and do small outdoor play groups for ultimate safety.  Our team ensures that every dog enjoys a day filled with happiness and playful moments.

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    Private or Play with Friends 6-8x per day
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    First Day of Daycare is Free!
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    We have buckets of toys!

Daycare Pricing

additional dog in same kennel is 15/day

Full Day Daycare
Half-Day Daycare

Vaccination Requirements

current vaccination records are required prior to your pet's stay

Email vaccinations records to [email protected]

Dogs – Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella are required

Please note that the bordatella vaccination does not cover all strains of kennel cough. 

Puppies must at least have 2 of the series of distemper/parvo and then bordatella to be safe to board. Once a puppy is about 4-5 months old rabies is then required along with the 1-2 remaining distemper/parvo vaccinations.