Vaccination Requirements

Yes! Our promise is to keep dogs safe and sound; for this reason each dog must have vaccinations for: Rabies, DHPP (Distemper), and Bordetalla.

Dogs requiring vaccination updates must have them administered prior to date of service and check-in. You can email your vaccination records to [email protected] or ask your veterinarian to send to us.

Puppies must at least have 2 of the series of distemper/parvo and then Bordetella to be safe to board. Once a puppy is about 4-5 months old rabies is then required along with the 1-2 remaining distemper/parvo vaccinations.
Cats – We require rabies and distemper. Feline Leukemia is required for outdoor cats.

Bath and Nail Questions

Yes! We will add a $10 holding fee to your invoice as we will need kennel availability while your pup waits to dry and be picked up.

We do not have a professional groomer on staff and therefore do not do any grooming such as brushing, cutting, or dematting. Although we do not clean ears they will get a wipe during their bath.

Yes, vaccinations are required before we will bathe or trim nails. You can email your vaccination records or have your veterinarian send them direct to [email protected]

“My Dog” Questions

Maybe. One of the many amazing—and often funny—things about dogs is that they’re not very aware of their size. We get to know every dog and then find them the perfect friends – not necessarily by size.

Yes! We will notate that your pup is intact to prevent any unwanted encounters.

When we say we love all dogs, we mean it. Fluffy or flat coat, mixed or purebred, misunderstood or misjudged, we don’t discriminate. All breeds are welcome at Pet Empire.

Absolutely. Our daycare experience is customized for each dog. For dogs who don’t really care for the company of other dogs we give plenty of individual attention and play in one of our outdoor yards.  We also have great success at introducing seemingly aloof dogs to new friends – you never know!

Honestly, furry friction is pretty rare. The dogs are constantly supervised by staff, who are extensively trained to understand dogs’ body language.

While there is never a guarantee, Pet Empire takes every precaution to ensure there are no fights. Your dog’s safety is our top priority!

Boarding Questions

You are free to bring personal items for your pet such as special bedding or blankets. Please note: Sometimes dogs display behavior that they don’t typically at home including chewing on things they normally don’t or marking on belongings they never have before. We are not responsible for damage to any personal items you choose to send with your pet. For your dog’s safety we do not allow rawhide or toys that may be a hazard.

Please provide your pet’s food for your stay. This helps ensure that your pet remains on a food they enjoy and that their stomach tolerates well.

Our doors are open for pick-up/drop-off Sunday through Saturday, 7:30am – 12pm, and 2pm – 5pm.

If you are anticipating a later pick-up than expected please notify us to make arrangements.

Boarding and daycare reservations may be cancelled with no charge. We kindly ask that you notify us as soon as you know that a reservation is not needed so that we may make that kennel available to another pup.

We are happy to administer any medications* that your dog requires while they are with us, all at no additional charge, of course. All you have to do is provide the medication and let us know how much and when to give it. Our staff are well-trained in how to medicate even the most reluctant “patient.” We have pill pockets and peanut butter for dogs who prefer a little “treat” with their medication. Our staff are also trained in how to administer Insulin and other subcutaneous medications. Please be sure to bring enough medicine for your pet’s entire stay. We will go over any medication requirements at time of check-in.

*Note: We cannot administer any intravenous medications.

Since dogs do bite and claw as they rough house and play, minor cuts and scratches are not uncommon. But you can rest assured that every precaution is taken to avoid a serious altercation.

Should an injury occur that we feel needs a veterinarian’s attention, we will first attempt to get in contact with you (or your emergency contact if we cannot reach you) and your primary veterinarian. If we cannot reach your veterinarian, or they are not available to see your dog, we will have your dog seen by one of the local veterinarians we work with or by one of the emergency veterinary practices in town.

We do require reservations for daycare. However, we encourage you to call and check for last-minute availability!

Our staff is on site from approximately 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., 365 days a year. After 9:00 p.m., all boarding dogs are safely tucked into their beds and settled in for the night and staff goes home for some well-earned rest. Our facility is monitored electronically 24 hours a day and our owner lives right next to the kennel.

Of course! We’re proud to show off the sights, sounds (and yes, smells) of Pet Empire. But if you’re just dropping by to get a feel for the place, we ask that you leave your furry friend at home.

When your dog stays with us, we’re happy to provide them with a raised bed, blankets, bowls and plenty of fresh water. To avoid any tummy troubles that can come with an abrupt change in diet, we ask that you provide enough food for their entire stay. Items from home, such as beds, toys, rawhides, etc. can sometimes be too tempting for your dog’s neighbors in our boarding room. To avoid any misunderstandings, we ask that you leave these items at home.

We’re conveniently situated on the outskirts of Brainerd, MN. We have ample parking and easy access to drop-off and pick-up your pets.

Our address is 7767 County Road 45, Brainerd, MN

We offer a loyalty program – For every $250 that you pre-purchase from Pet Empire you receive a $25 credit.

If you are anticipating a long stay this a great way to save money!

Elissa and the Pet Empire team are happy to answer your questions.  Feel free to reach out with questions [email protected] or call us 218-829-7297.

We’re committed to delighting every dog and dog owner who comes through our door!